List of products by brand Petmate

  • Booda Softies


    Booda Softies are vividly colorful and delightfully soft plush dog toys ready to capture your dog's heart. Created from soft, terry material, each character features a fun squeaker to keep your dog entertained. Available in a variety of adorable characters, including Cow and Toby Turtle. One size.

  • Booda Softies Panda & Rabbit


    Booda Small Dog and Puppy Squatters are adorable, pint-sized, ball-shaped plush toys with lots of personality. Soft for your dog to bite, yet durable and tough enough for a game of fetch. Drive your dog wild with these adorable characters, featuring a fun squeaker. Sized perfectly for small dogs and puppies.

    Product Dimensions: 5.5" X 3" X 4"

  • Petmate Pup Top Food Can Topper


    Never waste expensive canned food leftovers again with Petmate Pup Top Food Can Topper. These plastic lid tops are designed to keep food remaining in opened cans fresh for your pet's next meal. Keep your fridge smelling fresh and your kitchen clear of clutter.

    Fits 4 different size cans.

  • Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan


    With an attached lid, Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan makes clean up easier. Non-slip texture on lid. Special grating on lid flows litter scatter back in to the pan when opened. Built in handles allow for easy moving and pouring out old litter. Helps keep dogs out. Made in the USA.

  • Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Liners 8 count


    Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Liners, disposable plastic liners, make cleanup a snap. Spread liner over litter pan so that it overhangs rim on all sides. Press center of liner down to bottom of pan, and smooth outward. Fill the pan and liner with litter according to package directions. Sift out solid waste daily. To remove litter simply lift the liner from all sides, gather above pan and tie.