List of products by brand JW

  • JW Hair Magnet


    The JW GripSoft PET HAIR MAGNET has a 7" rubber blade that removes unwanted pet hair from carpeting, upholstery, clothing and car seats.

  • JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl


    Slow your fast-eating dog down with the JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl. Rapid eating may cause...bloat, discomfort, and other digestive problems.

  • JW Treat Tower Treat...

    The JW Pet Treat Tower is a cutting-edge playful learning activity and treats dispensing toy. This playful learning activity toy has a tough nylon frame with creatively styled openings. Suitable for a variety of treats. Simply insert the treat in the top and they randomly come out the bottom as your dog works to release them.
    Small 6.375" X 3.5" X 9.5625"
    Large 8.1875" X 4.875" X 11.375"